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These cowboy hats are the cutest! Nasty Woman Earrings outdoes herself every time.

Madison B.

Your earrings are my favorite! They are so fun and I always get so many compliments on them!!

Nicole V.

You're is always outdoing yourself and I'm obsessed with it

Hannah N.

Really cool earrings by a really cool gal!!! They're handmade and there's a ton of different styles, plus you're supporting a local artist.

Mya P.


I LOVE EVERYTHING!!! Wow!!! I can't wait to wear the eggs (custom ordered). I'm proud of all the pairs I have.

Kerri R.

They're literally my favorite earrings now, definitely going to be looking to get some new ones soon!!

Madison C.

Just custom ordered a pink and white pair to match my outfit. They are perfect!!!!! They're so good.

Jessica D.

You are über talented, they are beautiful! The girls at work joked they were gonna start calling me Nasty because I wear your earrings so much.

Aubrey M.


I love these earrings! I can't wait to wear these - will definitely be ordering again!

Alena B.

OMG Grace, I got the earings today and thay are simply AMAZING!!!!!!! I LOVE THEM MORE THAN WORDS CAN SAY!!!!!  You did a great job!!! My family is going to just love them!! Thank you so much!

Becky D.



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